An Introduction to Our French Oak Wood Flooring

A time-honoured cornerstone of the urbane home, oak wood bestows an unmistakably elegant finish. Our prime grade, bespoke hand stained, engineered oak is the definitive statement in this regard, offering a beautiful and versatile flooring solution; unique to your order.

How Our Wood is Manufactured

hand-stained-oak-greyAlthough our oak is native to France, the wood owes its bespoke colours to a labour of love by our team here in London, who stain – or colour it – by hand according to your order. The culmination of our own ‘secret combination’, the stain is rubbed on to the wood and pulled off again, before being preserved with natural oils. This process brings the natural grains of the oak to the fore rather than the pedestrian looks of mass-produced alternatives.

A far cry from veneer, our wood flooring effortlessly surpasses the stability of solid oak. Meticulously crafted from layers of laminated timber, it boasts the resilience to comfortably weather high-wear areas and even the moisture ever-present in kitchens and bathrooms for years to come. Our product meets your requirements of both durability and style in equal measure.

Ethically Sourced

Dedicated to the promotion of responsible forestry, the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies forests across the globe to ensure that they meet the highest environmental and social standards. FSC certified products – such as our prime grade oak  – can be purchased with the utmost peace of mind, that doing so doesn’t come at the cost of doing harm to the world’s forests.

Colours and Stains

From timelessly suave noir to charmingly warm natural sienna, each of the shades in our collection evokes clear character and ambience. However, the creatively inclined need not feel limited by any of our pre-existing colour lists, as our West Hampstead factory gives clients free-reign to realise their vision to bespoke order.

We can stain or colour the wood to your exact specification, using as little reference as a picture – and we do all of this at no extra cost! On top of this, we are more than happy to reapply the treatment should the need arise.

Installation and Care

Dubbed a ‘floating floor’ – Imbrico flooring sits atop a property’s existing floor, cradled in place by its skirting boards. Installation can present a seemingly impassable hurdle in many projects, so if wanted we can do this for you ourselves. The solid construction – and resulting acoustic performance – afforded by glueing down the flooring make this our preferred method of choice.

Naturally, materials of this calibre need a measure of care, which may entail treatment at regular intervals or a simple wipe over with a damp mop depending on how the space is used. We will make recommendations specific to your project.


With versatile and luxurious oak, available in an endless selection of cut to order widths and thicknesses, our range is sure to be holding the perfect fit for your next project. Have we piqued your interest? If so, why not peruse the range of French oak flooring we have on offer?

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Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you would like to discuss your project, place an order or get more detailed information about our products and pricing.