An Introduction to Our Stone Range

Stone has long been a paragon of opulence in property. The eight varieties of natural stone that we import from Anatolia each offer classically debonair high-end finishes with a contemporary twist. Like our clients, we consider every purchase, so here’s what you need to know about our stone and its supply process.

Where Our Stone Comes from

The quarry that our stone hails from sits about 3 miles in from the coast of Turkey’s flourishing city of Antalya – the capital of its eponymously named province. It is at this quarry that unfashioned blocks are rigorously drilled and pulled from the mountains before each block is individually sliced. This gives our expert partners free-reign to cut the stones to custom order for our broad spectrum of business projects. We can cut stone to varying thicknesses including tiles as thin as around 10 millimetres, should that be your wish.

Our Range

golden-gray-stone-interior-bathroomThroughout the twelve years since Imbrico’s inception, we have been the sole UK importers of this stone, letting us carve a chic niche into an otherwise mundane and saturated marketplace. From the distinct fleck of gold in our golden grey and the occasional fossil unearthed in our fossil green, to the untainted natural texture of our split stone, our eight different stones each have an undeniably charming character. Furthering this is an unfettered scope for creativity, with our options including vein cuts, cross cuts, honed, polished, slab and tile formats, all of which are available in any size your project requires.

A far cry from a fragile product that favours form over function, our selection also boasts a near inexhaustible list of use cases. Not only does it pair perfectly with any room, it can also comfortably house state of the art under floor heating – a feature which is becoming a cornerstone of contemporary modern interiors; aesthetic and ergonomic!

About Your Purchase

By shedding the cumbersome burdens of a showroom, we keep our overheads substantially lower than those of our contemporaries. This translates into savings for our customers, with our stone being around fifteen to twenty percent cheaper than a comparable alternative. Depending on the type and the quantity in which it is purchased, customers could stand to save even more.

Far too often, competitive prices come with the caveat of unresponsive and impersonal service. Here at Imbrico, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Never content to rest on our laurels, whether dealing with enquiries or processing orders, we champion prompt service with a much-needed human touch. Pick up the phone, drop us an email or reach out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – we’re here to help.

To make this process even easier, we happily offer to install your chosen products ourselves, removing another persistent hurdle in our client’s project management schedules.

Treatment and Care

clabon-mews-interior-stone-bathroomNatural stone is characterised by its quintessentially chic finish, a finish which, with the help of a sealer, can stand the test of time. Stone sealers also allow for a wide range of design preferences, from more subdued matte finishes to striking gloss sheens.




Are you an interior designer, architect, property developer or contractor seeking a quality supplier for your next project? If so why not browse some of the options on offer from our meticulously curated selection of Anatolian stone?

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