The Special History Behind Our Porcelain Tiles

Take a look at the where our porcelain tiles are produced

Porcelain is a high-performance material, famous for its durability, stain and scratch resistant qualities, which makes it a perfect material for tiles. Here at Imbrico, we are proud of our relationship with one of Spain’s famous porcelain manufacturers – a brand synonymous with cutting-edge design, innovation and quality, who produce our range of porcelain tiles.

A family business from a region with a long tradition of ceramics  

A family business from a region with a long tradition of ceramics

Imbrico on tour

On a recent tour of the factory, we witnessed first-hand how natural clays are mined from the Iberian countryside and heated to 1,195 degrees Celsius to create a final tile product that is slip-resistant and harder than granite.

Our partner in Spain has grown from a small family business to become an international leader in the production of ceramics. The formula for this successful transition from small-scale local operator to global powerhouse? Focusing on quality, not quantity, to ensure a clear point of difference with cheap Chinese imports.

part of the factory where our porcelain tiles are produces in Valencia

Just some of the state-of-the-art machinery producing our high-quality porcelain tiles

A focus on quality

Imbrico’s tiles are made at a state-of-the-art facility in Spain,  which was recently awarded ISO certificate 9011:2000. This certificate is an international and independent verification of high levels of quality control in materials, technical competence and production process. We are also concerned about protecting the natural environment and we are pleased that our manufacturing partner in Spain is developing a plan to monitor and control any environmental effects from the production process.


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