Our Trade Clients

Over the course of our lengthy professional experience in the property sector, our products have made their way into some of Britain’s leading boutique developments, luxury properties and high-specification residential builds. But who are the unique clients behind each of these successful partnerships?

Our diverse list of clients spans the breadth of the property industry, ranging from interior designers, house builders and contractors to property developers and architects. We offer each of our customers a fast, responsive service and materials of uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

Characterised by a distinct separation from their mass-produced competitors – the luxurious tiles and flooring that comprise our range are a far cry from those used in more commonplace properties. An obvious first choice for the quality conscious interior architect or boutique developer, our selection partners perfectly with contemporary residential and commercial developments, offering an exquisite finish for often as low as mid-range prices.

How We Work with Housebuilders

charles-baker-place-living-room-oak-flooringCost is an ever-constant pressure for housebuilders and boutique developers, many at times left with little choice than to compromise on standards in order to appease the demands of their budget. However, Imbrico offers an alternative. The savings we recoup on our low overheads are all passed on to our customers, making it easy for you to achieve an elegant finish at a competitive price.

A housebuilder is by no means a solitary entity, with their teams more often than not including architects, surveyors, purchasers, interior designers and more. None of these are left by the wayside, instead, each one is treated by us individually.

How We Work with Architects

An early cornerstone of any project, the voice of an architect holds an unmistakable sway over the direction that builders take. As a result, they are in a unique position to pass on their often-contagious passion for quality to their clients. There could be no better partner to this discerning eye than our meticulously curated selection of products that are both beautiful and ergonomic.
From prime grade French oak, hand stained to your exact specification, to timelessly stylish, cut to order stone, our range gives architects the creative control to cater to the needs of their project.

How We Work with Interior Designers

charles-baker-place-kitchen-interior-designInterior design covers a broadly varying spectrum, from groups of designers in specialist studios to the lone freelancer or recreational designer. Our value of these clients never hinges on the scale of their project, each one being treated to our industry-leading personalised service.

Rather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ ethos, we tailor our approach to the requirements of each new project. To that end, we are more than happy to meet in person or over the phone to delve into these requirements in detail.


Our well-founded property heritage has given way to partnerships with an even longer list of trade professionals, such as high-end contractors and boutique property developers. Does your next project need bespoke luxury materials at prices that remain competitive? If so, get in touch with our team to discuss your project

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