An introduction to our mosaic range

Our bespoke selection of mosaics sourced from the Iberian Peninsula adds eye-catching texture to any space. Available in four characterful styles and colours, Imbrico mosaics have a variety of applications, from feature walls in commercial spaces to wow-factor spa-style bathrooms and wet rooms.

Mosaic tiles are extremely popular at the moment and if you’re a residential developer, interior designer, contractor or architect, your clients may have been asking you more frequently to include mosaics in your project design plans. However, achieving a high-quality, contemporary finish with mosaic tiles does require intelligent planning – due to the small size of the tiles, it’s important to consider how the busyness of the mosaics will be balanced with the rest of the space. In addition to design, installation, care, and potential problems need to be considered.

Choosing mosaic tiles

In consultation with our clients, we always begin by visualising the finished product. This is especially important where the project plans to use mosaics as a border to a bigger tile or as a feature design within bigger tiles, as they need to complement each other both aesthetically and ergonomically.

Imbrico’s mosaic range is led by design – we favour natural stone hues as these are easy to pair with many design styles and give a classy, bright finish to any space.

Aside from aesthetics, the functionality of the space is important to consider. For example, our Silvretta mosaics are very popular with commercial projects, due to their durability. These mosaics are resistant to stains, mould, and mildew and are easily wiped clean; perfect for restaurants, hotel interiors and spas.

Benefits of mosaics


In addition to creating a low maintenance yet visually striking space, mosaics are cheaper to install than traditional flooring like marble. The fact they are distinctively decorative and long-lasting means you won’t need to replace your mosaics periodically as other flooring would demand.


For residential projects, mosaics work well in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and of course many outdoor features from patios to planters. Mosaics are also ideal for commercial spaces and are classic choices for spas, restaurants and hotels, due to their durability in high footfall areas and striking appearance.

However, not all mosaics are suitable for flooring. Our Aneto, Bernina, and Livigno tiles are not suitable for floors as they are cut from natural stone, unlike the hardy manufactured Silvretta. Our natural mosaics are more susceptible to staining and should be used on low traffic areas, ideal as a feature wall in a shower to add texture and colour.


Mosaics are environmentally sustainable, taking less energy to produce than traditional porcelain tiles, so for those conscious of their carbon footprint, mosaics are a sound option.

Installing Imbrico’s range

We currently supply four distinct styles of mosaics; Aneto, Bernina, Livigno, Silvretta. Installation is uncomplicated as our mosaics are made with a web backing, normally around 300mm x 300mm, which are then grouted once stuck to the desired area.

charles-baker-place-bathroom-mosaicAs with all our products, we are happy to install your desired mosaics as well as supply, offering you the seamless, efficient service that we pride ourselves on.



We offer free delivery on orders over 50 square metres delivered anywhere within the UK. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a sample. Availability across our range of products is usually between 2 and 3 weeks. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

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